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Quality policy

    Being aware of fact that customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for the effective functioning and further development of the WS BAILDONIT, our goal is to identify and meet the requirements and expectations of customers - buyers of carbide products, dies, special tools, reinforced tools and hardfacing rods. Production and sale of products with high and consistent quality, at the agreed time and the accepted prices, satisfying customers, and at the same time allowing to achieve profitability for owners and employees.
    To achieve this goal quality management system is to be implemented and maintain a and continuous improvement of its effectiveness by:

  • commitment to the quality of the staff with the necessary skills and improving skills through the implementation of planned and evaluated training
  • systematic analysis of the legal provisions relating to the business of the company and their consistent application
  • continuous improvement of products and technologies through the design of new products , and purchasing investment company expanding production capacity for the exercise of highly processed products
  • use of the reliable suppliers of raw materials and services that meet the quality requirements of the company and, consequently, customer requirements
  • implementation of processes operating within the framework of the company's quality objectives
  • monitoring , analyzing data and implementing the necessary corrective and preventive actions in order to improve customer satisfaction

Zdzisław Dorochowicz

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